Trim Healthy Mama Products Here in Langley


Just signed up to re-sell THM here in Langley, looking forward to meeting the local mama’s!


Store pick up only, no internet sales at this time.
Enjoying this lifestyle, taking some time to actually prepare and enjoy my meal instead of running all over town


Made lazy lasagna tonight, and it’s yummy!


Tomorro, Cheezeburger Pie..stay tuned for tips, tricks and pics!


Call me at 778-898-6340 or email if your interested in THM products


Trim Healthy Mama–Book Review

Great read, if you do want THM product give me a shout, re-selling in Langley !

Lights in a Dark World

thmThe Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle has quickly become a popular lifestyle. It’s not a fad diet, or a diet really, it’s a healthy way of eating. In this new book, the authors Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, condense the plan into a smaller book than their first book was. They try to make it as straight forward and concise as possible.

I have been curious about this way of eating for a while now since many of my friends and acquaintances have started talking about it. I don’t necessarily need to lose weight, but I would love to eat more healthy and maintain my current weight. That is all possible with this plan. I realized how easy it really is and it’s not restrictive, the authors encourage you to make it your own. If you can’t buy all the extra on plan helps like gluccie, whey protein, integral collagen, etc…

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Heat wave


Wow I am so thankful it has cooled down slightly. Working out in the heat drains my energy, does anyone else relate? It seems like summer time people naturally slim down, with fresh fruits and veggies.

people are more active and the sun puts everyone in a positive frame of mind!

Naturally having fun keeping active is good for the soul and body combined

Healthy choices vs instant gratification makes a world of difference…

Trim Healthy Momma has some great recipes and success stories, right now trying the Shriner, what a great drink to sip on in this heat

Stay posted for new pics and updates!

Boxing week 16


Boxing week 16


It’s been busy with my little man arriving, but that did not stop gramma from getting in shape. In fact! I fit into one of my daughter’s pair of jeans this week!

The scale is not less (by much anyhow) but feeling and fitting better for sure..

See for yourself in my transformation pics!

At 156.3 today, but fitting into my summertime capri’s and able to do more cardio (even  though I hate it )

Feeling positive and strong, in mind and soul.

More girls coming to class ..yeahhhhh!



Power Whey Isolate


Protein Bars

Protein Bars