Julia Beckel ~ Coaching

Julia Beckel ~ Coaching The Weigh 2 Mind/Body Synergy

Julia Beckel ~ Coaching The Weigh 2 Mind/Body Synergy

Welcome to our journey!

My Mission?  Sharing my story to inspire and help anyone else who struggles, a lot or even a little. That is exactly what I want to do. Inspire, help, support, inform, coach, share, be totally real and totally me to help anyone and everyone who it ‘might’ help. For anyone and everyone with their #body #weight #weightloss #health to get there MUCH quicker and #easier than it was for me. I had 14 flipping years of constant struggle. Ugh!

The secret? It’s an inside job and there is a recipe. It’s all Mind/Body connection, and I want to  help!. I AM Bursting to share (with anyone who wants to hear me go on and on. LOL)

Follow our blogs where we share our journeys. Also where I will share what I have learned so far as well as links and resources for you to support yourself to stay motivated and moving forward toward what ever your goals are.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime should you have any questions, concerns or want some support. Believe me I have been there and can help.

I am a Internationally Certified Life Coach with an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and a ton of life experience. I worked for Club Med for four years, I was a Tour Guide, Travel Agent and now my purpose and mission is Health, Fitness, Mind/Body Connection and Wellness. I learned the hard way that without your health you really don’t have anything. I know that I can totally save you time, money and a lot of heartache.

In 2012 I discovered Life Coaching, completed the training at Erickson International and was certified (after acquiring the 100 paid coaching hours required) ACC by the International Coaching Federation. All I can say now is ‘what a difference a day made’. Once I made the decision to get coaching my life changed forever.

I await with open arms and heart to hear from you! Contact me anytime at theweigh2@gmail.com for a conversation, consultation or to share. Who knows, maybe working with me as your weigh coach is the right ‘weigh’ 2 health and wellness for you.

My before and after ~

“None of us got where we are solely by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. We got here because somebody…bent down and helped us pick up our boots.”

Giant Hugs!

Julia Beckel 
Motivational Life Coach and student of life


Uncover Your Best Self!


Coaching The Weigh to mind, body and life balance. Creating a balance of attention in all areas of life is not only possible it’s essential to our Mental and Physical Health. I contribute a blog to http://www.theweigh.ca sharing my own Journey with my ‘weigh’ and sharing tips and tools to those who ask.
Our health is our greatest wealth and cannot be bought.
Only we have the power to take responsibility for our health and only we can make the choice to take action to create that balance.
Working with me I Coach the Weigh to support you to weigh out what is most important, what comes naturally and what needs your attention, clearly and simply. I provide tools with which to accomplish this first step and to carry it through to you simply and more easily creating and designing your personal balance. You will learn through Coaching how to maintain the joy and freedom that comes with a healthy life/mind/body balance for the rest of your life.

How we all ‘weigh’ our lives is different for everyone. For some it is in lbs, others in dollars, others in relationships, and many more. Being out of balance creates physical pain, illness, relationship challenges, depression, work challenges, and emotional challenges. If you’re not feeling your best, good chance something is out of balance.

Contact me now and let’s get this party started!

It can start with “losing weight” in pounds, with “losing weight” in emotional “baggage” or “losing the weight” of worry. Working with a coach makes finding that first step and finding that subsequent path a clear and simple process. Without the time, pain and heartache of figuring it out on your own over,what is often, a long and painful period of time.

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