About us – who else are we – Julia Beckel The Weigh Coach

Who else are we?

  • Women working together supporting each other to support others for growing, stretching, learning, building and re-building.
  • Watch The Weigh Coach Julia’s Journey now and learn from her past journey Maybe you will see some of yourself in our stories and feel we can relate to you and support you too.

Coaching The Weigh to mind, body and life balance. Creating a balance of attention in all areas of life is not only possible it’s essential to our Mental and Physical Health. I contribute a blog to http://www.theweigh.ca sharing my own Journey with my ‘weigh’ and sharing tips and tools to those who ask.
Our health is our greatest wealth and cannot be bought.
Only we have the power to take responsibility for our health and only we can make the choice to take action to create that balance.
Working with me I Coach the Weigh to support you to weigh out what is most important, what comes naturally and what needs your attention, clearly and simply. I provide tools with which to accomplish this first step and to carry it through to you simply and more easily creating and designing your personal balance. You will learn through Coaching how to maintain the joy and freedom that comes with a healthy life/mind/body balance for the rest of your life.

How we all ‘weigh’ our lives is different for everyone. For some it is in lbs, others in dollars, others in relationships, and many more. Being out of balance creates physical pain, illness, relationship challenges, depression, work challenges, and emotional challenges. If you’re not feeling your best, good chance something is out of balance.

It can start with “losing weight” in pounds, with “losing weight” in emotional “baggage” or “losing the weight” of worry. Working with a coach makes finding that first step and finding that subsequent path a clear and simple process. Without the time, pain and heartache of figuring it out on your own over,what is often, a long and painful period of time.

Take the first step, contact me now and let’s get started Coaching The Weigh to feeling and being your very best!

  • ACC Certified Motivational and Personal Progress Life Coach who did it the difficult way…alone…and learned the hard way that we aren’t built to do it alone. There are so many amazing and easy tools available now, so much more information about the weigh we work that makes the process SO MUCH EASIER. No more white knuckling it! I want to help you get there following the ‘roadmaps’ that I know work and will get you there much faster.
  • Coaching for 3 years, on the Journey for 15 years. I know what you’re going through and I can help.
  • Cell 604-781-9051/ Email: theweigh2@gmail.com ~ Julia Beckel The Weigh Coach 


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