Heat wave


Wow I am so thankful it has cooled down slightly. Working out in the heat drains my energy, does anyone else relate? It seems like summer time people naturally slim down, with fresh fruits and veggies.

people are more active and the sun puts everyone in a positive frame of mind!

Naturally having fun keeping active is good for the soul and body combined

Healthy choices vs instant gratification makes a world of difference…

Trim Healthy Momma has some great recipes and success stories, right now trying the Shriner, what a great drink to sip on in this heat

Stay posted for new pics and updates!

Boxing Week 11

Week 11 – Boxing at Golden Glory with Frankie,  Tuesday and Thursdays  at 6pm. Mixing it up is always fun, so you don’t get stuck in a set routine. The room is full, and the energy is high. Starting off with 30 second rounds of boxing and then  crunches, then mixing it up with the bags, releases so much negative energy. I can feel my body getting stronger and stronger each week. It’s not a quick fix. This time, I am going to do it right, and make sure that it lasts. Getting out with people and seeing their journey is inspiring. There were a few new people tonight, who gave it their all. All of a sudden it’s 7pm and it’s done. Time to pack up, but will be ready again Thursday. Come join us if you can!

sparring makes it real

sparring makes it real

taking it easy on the new girl lol

taking it easy on the new girl lol

bring it on

bring it on

different stations for 30  second rounds

different stations for 30 second rounds

Check out Carson Dean – Inspirational and Fun and Creative…Have a great night!

So you need a scale hey

So many inquiries start with, I need a scale, and accurate one.

There are a million and one different types of scales, so the accuracy is just one piece of the puzzle. When searching for a scale, ask yourself:

What is the largest capacity you will ever weigh on the scale?

How accurate do you require? every 1 gram? every 10 grams?

How Large of a platter do you need?

What product are you weighing? Does your scale need to be

“Certified Legal for Trade”?

Once you have this information, you can pop the info into the scale sorter and wham!

Choices galore. KWS-SW





Happy New Year!

And here it is ! 2016 has arrived, and with it, new hopes and dreams.  For me, 2016 brings new goals and so here I am to tell you all about it …. and to challenge you to join me in my quest!

See my face book page Trim Healthy Mama Langley, feel free to join and be ready to rock your world, see the tips and tricks and follow along, for a 2016 to remember!!!!

Trim Healthy Mama is first on the list, eat healthy, stay on plan and let your body do the walking.

trim healthy mama

before picture

There are many posts about newbies tips and tricks, and so much help deserves a serious effort, which is on the table right now. So for the next year, serious effort will be made, and you can all watch it here folks…

Plan to succeed and success will be had, and included in that will be family and loved ones.

I hope you all had a great year and look forward to an even better year!

weigh scale

Rice Lake Weighing Systems Digital Floor Scales


Me in 2015

Me in 2015


Good friends and good times



Sugar free Spaghetti Sauce